With a great deal of dedication and craftsmanship, the East Tyrol-based Oberschneider family from Matrei adapted the so-called “Bäckenstadl” into a museum, and turned the historic building in the village centre into an exhibition platform and stage for a display focussing on an ancient local tradition.

Museum of Railway Friends, Südbahn Heizhaus Railway Shed, Lienz


The "Südbahn Heizhaus" railway shed in Lienz is home to the Museum of Railway Friends. The shed, which was originally built for maintaining steam locomotives, dates back to the time of the Villach - Fortezza/Franzensfeste (South Tyrol) railway line, which was put into operation in 1871 and ran for approx. 212 km.



Aguntum was a Roman settlement (Municipium Claudium Aguntum), which was located approx. 4 km from the modern-day area of Dölsach. Emperor Claudius (41 - 54 AD) gave the settlement city status.

Vanni’s Bird World


The “Vanni’s Bird World” museum in Oberdrauburg (Carinthia) is a unique place for explorers! Housed in a renovated building, this museum is exclusively dedicated to birds, and exhibits over 1000 specimens from all four corners of the world. It has been set up on the basis of private initiative and a lot of personal dedication.

Local Museum Kals


The Heimatmuseum Kals (Local Museum Kals), which opened in 1974, is housed in an old primary school and presents a comprehensive exhibition of various types of objects representing the history of this municipality located at the foot of the Großglockner.

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