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Heinfels Castle is currently being renovated and repaired from top to bottom. The aim is to use the entire castle as a cultural landmark and venue, as well as a restaurant and hotel. Loacker Tourismus GmbH owns Heinfels Castle, and operates the catering business and the hotel in the western and northern parts of the castle grounds. Museumsverein Burg Heinfels is responsible for the museum and cultural events in the southern area, which includes the outer bailey and the outdoor event area.

The Heinfels Castle Museum covers a total area of 1000 m². On the guided tour, visitors walk through the history of Heinfels Castle. They explore narrow round towers, enjoy uninterrupted views of the Puster Valley and the surrounding area, and climb up the castle ruins. The centrepiece of Heinfels Castle is the castle chapel, which the mighty Counts of Gorizia, who used to live in the castle, sumptuously furnished.

Trained guides show visitors around the castle and its grounds. In each castle chamber and in each hall, another exciting chapter of the thrilling stories of the building’s history and inhabitants is told.
The journey through time begins with the legend of how Heinfels Castle was founded, which tells of the fight of the giant Hanno against the Huns. There are also tales of everyday life in Heinfels, and of the storming of the castle during the peasants’ revolt. Hear warlocks chanting their spells, and the courageous Countess Catherine of Gorizia telling her story.

The stories of Heinfels Castle are told through modern media, film and audio installations, as well as digital animations. The awe-inspiring masonry is also examined, and visitors can learn about the purposes of the individual parts of the castle. In a film made exclusively for Heinfels, conservationists and architects explain how it was possible to save the castle walls from decay, to complement them with modern architecture, and to breathe new life into Heinfels Castle.


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Panzendorf 126

9919 Heinfels

Mag.a Monika Reindl-Sint

Phone: +43 (0) 664 39 82 865



Opening hours

15. June – autumn

Wednesday to Sunday

7:0017:00 o’clock


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