The Heimatmuseum Kals (Local Museum Kals), which opened in 1974, is housed in an old primary school and presents a comprehensive exhibition of various types of objects representing the history of this municipality located at the foot of the Großglockner. A tour of the exhibitions on one floor, which is “heralded” by the chime of the old church clock dating back to 1759, reveals a colourful spectrum of local history that goes a long way back. 

Goat horns which are over 4,000 years old, along with a hoard of ancient coins, are on display in a cultural centre at the foot of the Grossglockner.

Take a tour and discover ancient musical instruments, important equipment used by mountain guides, various pieces of craft equipment, winter sports gear, a whole host of religious objects, countless examples of rural handicrafts, utensils and clothing items that reflect the lifestyle of the people of Kals over the centuries.

The Local Museum is home to an impressive machine – a water-powered mill (“Wollkartatsche”) used for processing sheep’s wool. The wool is untangled and made ready for spinning, before it is moved to the spinning wheel. A giant loom, used for making wool and flax into fine cloth, is also on display. Also on show is an old machine which was used to clean grain and sort it by granule size, as well as old fire engine dating back to 1908, which was used by the Kals fire department.

The Local Museum Kals also houses a large picture archive.

A particular highlight of the permanent exhibition is the original smoke house (“Rachkuchl”), with a built-on parlour. The smoke house, which is the farmhouse kitchen, has an open hearth, a copper kettle, iron pans, a wood-fired oven for baking bread, a laundry area, and a children’s bath. The smoke house was also used for smoking bacon.

In the parlour, there is a brick oven with a rack which was used for drying clothes, a stove bench, and a ceiling wreath in honour of the Holy Spirit. The parlour was not just used for eating. The family would also spin, sew, knit, play cards, sing and even sleep in there.


Address Contact Details
Ködnitz 18

A-9981 Kals

Municipal Office Kals

Phone: +43 (0)4876 8210

E-Mail: gemeindeamt@kals.at

Web: www.kals.at

Opening hours

19. June – 9. October


16:0018:00 o’clock

Entrance fees

Adults with guest card € 3,00
Adults without guest card € 4,00
Children over 14
€ 2,00


Mayoress Erika Rogl –  Phone: +43 (0)4876 8210


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