This monumental castle, which has belonged to the city of Lienz since 1942, is one of the main attractions in East Tyrol, and currently houses the Lienz City Museum, which boasts the largest collection of works by the East Tyrolean painter Albin Egger-Lienz.

On 17 March 1942, the then Mayor of Lienz, Emil Winkler signed the purchase contract for Bruck Castle, which on 13 June the following year was opened for the first time as an East Tyrolean local history museum. However, the museum lasted only a short time and had to be closed after four months due to the war. After its reopening in 1945, the diverse collection of objects could be seen in its entirety (with some limitations) until 1998, when the museum concept was restructured.

Since then, the main focus of the exhibition has been on the medieval castle complex itself. Bruck Castle and its history are always part of special exhibitions. Another focus is the work of Albin Egger-Lienz, which is presented in both permanent displays and various high-profile special exhibitions. The different perspectives make the exhibitions more accessible to the visitor.

Today, the collection of the former local history museum is shown in themed exhibitions, which change annually.

Since 2013, following the reconstruction of the former archaeological department in the west wing of the castle, there are more rooms available – in addition to the keep – for displaying contemporary art, presentations about the history of the region, and smaller exhibitions featuring items from the museum’s collection.

Bruck Castle’s in-house collection can be divided into four main areas of focus. The first is the art collection with paintings and graphic and sculptural works from over five centuries – from the Gothic winged altar to paintings and sculptures by local contemporary artists.

The second focus of the collection is on archaeological objects – namely pre- and protohistoric finds from East Tyrol, and original objects from the 20th century excavations of Aguntum, the only Roman city in Tyrol. This part of the collection was given to the Aguntum Museum in 2011.

The third area of focus of the museum inventory is a variety of objects from East Tyrolean folklore (such as looms, chests, costumes, etc.), so-called “folk art” (votive images, bridal jewellery, etc.) and arts and crafts. Last but not least, the collection also includes a natural history category, with preserved animals, rare minerals and the like.


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